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Peter Lyon interview

Raised in Shannon, New Zealand, Peter Lyon is a self-taught swordsmith and armourer and first began making swords in 1985.
In 1998 Peter joined Weta Workshop as Senior Swordsmith for The Lord of the Rings. His extraordinary craftmanship can be seen in the hero weapons which played an integral part in bringing this story to the screen.

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Frodo's sword Sting

You have produced a large number of items for The Lord of the Rings. Which item are you most proud of making, and please explain to us why?

Among the swords, I am most proud of making Anduril, as it the iconic hero’s sword, and almost a character in its own right. But I am also proud of making the 1/6 scale sword masters for the collectables range, as it pushed my skills into an area and level of detail I had never imagined before that.

Anduril, the sword used by Aragorn

When you joined Weta, you started out as Senior swordsmith. Meanwhile, you have now also worked as a puppeteer for example. Do you have any ambitions beyond the making of arms for movies?

My great desire is to make the finest swords possible for films, so their artistry can be appreciated beyond merely being props. But I am also enjoying the journey that film has led me into, where I can be asked to employ my skills in some of the many aspects that the industry demands. So, for example, I have been able to do puppeteering and some animatronic work, while still principally being a swordsmith.

Peter Lyon at work in the Weta foundry

What is your fondest memory of working on the production of The Lord of the Rings?

There have been many high points, but the biggest buzz has come from the people I have been able to meet and share time with, both actors and other visitors. There have been many fine people I have met, but two stand out as they are icons and role models, and personal heroes of mine: Christopher Lee, and Sir Edmund Hillary.

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